Deb has created model versions of an Employee Handbook for nonprofit organizations in the State of Maryland, as well as a Supervisor's Manual.  Both of these original manuals are still in use by the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations.  Deb has drafted new, updated versions of an Employee Handbook and a Supervisor's Manual.  The new versions are streamlined, and reflect all of the latest changes in the law.

The Supervisor's manual focuses on hiring procedures, evaluation of employees, and the termination process.  Deb can help your organization customize this manual for your organization and conduct trainings for all of your supervisors, so that your organization will receive maximum benefit from the adoption of such a manual. 

The Employee Handbook also contains the most updated policies reflecting the many changes that have taken place in employment law in the last five years.  It contains policies on telecommuting, social media, and the Maryland Flexible Leave Act.  Deb can provide you with a new Employee Handbook, revise your present manual with updated policies, redraft the language in your employee handbook to reflect recent changes in the law, and prepare a training for your employees on the new or revised handbook.

Deb has also drafted numerous contracts, including executive director contracts, event contracts, joint venture agreements, consultant agreements, requests for proposals, memorandum of understanding, as well as reviewed and consulted upon leases, vendor agreements and affiliate contracts.  Deb can draft the original agreement or review and consult on a third party contract.